Start Meat

Puppies and breeding bitches formula


Podium Start Meat is a complete and balanced food, specifically studied for the harmonious development of puppy’s bones and muscles. Thanks to its formulation, Podium Start Meat is also ideal to support the bitch from the last month of pregnancy to puppy weaning, ensuring the correct physiological production of quality milk and allowing the fast recovery of the ideal weight. Podium Start Meat guarantees the right nutritional intake to promote the welfare of the bitches and the proper growth of the puppy.


extruded maize, meat and animal derivatives (35%), oils and fats, maize protein concentrate, minerals, cellulose, carob flour, extrudex linseed, yeast cell walls from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Analytical components % a.f.




Crude protein


Crude oils and fats


Crude fibre


Crude ashes


Nutritional additives
Vitamin A 22.500 UI
Vitamin D3 1.500 UI
Vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopherol acetate) 180 mg
Technological additives
Propyl gallate 15 mg


Organoleptic additives
Rosmarinus officinalis L.1 1.2 mg
(1) Rosemary oil CAS 8000-25-7 FEMA 2992 CoE 406 EINECS 283 291-9 / Rosemary oleoresin / Rosemary extract CAS 84604-14- 8 CoE 406 EINECS 283-291-9 / Rosemary tincture CoE 406

Instructions for use.

PUPPIES: give Podium Start Meat moistened, divided into three daily meals, following the approximate doses shown in the table from weaning until full development (about 8/10 months). For molossoid breeds, whose growth continues for up to about 18 months, give Podium Start Meat for the first 8 months after weaning, continuing with Podium Active Meat until full development.

BITCHES: give Podium Start Meat dry (or moistened with water or broth) in several daily meals following the approximate doses shown in the table from one month before giving birth up to one month after puppies have been weaned. Always leave fresh and clean water available to your pet. Store in a cool and dry place.

PUPPY Weight dog Kg 1-5 10-20 30-40 50-60 70-80
Daily dose ciotola 15-75 g 130-260 g 390-520 g 690-790 g 920-1000 g
BITCH Weight dog Kg 1-5 10-20 30-40 50-60 70-80
Daily dose ciotola 10-65 g 110-220 g 330-440 g 550-660 g 770-880 g

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