Mini Adult Fish

For adult dogs, with fish and rice

Adult Fish

Fish-rich dog food with rice
4 kg e 12 kg

Energy meat

Meat-rich food for high activity dogs, with chicken and rice
4 kg e 12 kg

Mini Adult Meat

For adult dogs, rich in meat with chicken and rice
1,5 kg
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Most of the immune defences of the dog are concentrated in its intestine:

incorrect food

changes in the food


stresses and pharmacological treatments

can weaken the natural defences of its body

In order to preserve the welfare of the dog it is important to safeguard the bacterial flora in the gut, which represents the first line of defence in the body against potentially harmful bacteria.


The solution:


Podium Immuny system is the innovative formula that helps set the   right balance of the intestinal microflora  of the dog with a positive effect on the immune system. Thanks to the special production technology, the   Lactobacilli (natural probiotics) reach the intestine live and active,  thus stimulating the proliferation of good bacteria. How do the Lactobacilli reach the intestine live and active? The Lactobacilli do not undergo any thermal process, thus preserving their functions beneficial to the body.


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