We create FOOD


For over 50 years we formulate and produce
animal feed 100% made in Italy

We are a company

who has been working for 50 years in feed production and takes care of the pet with the same passion and love that you feel for them. At the heart of our mission is the welfare of our dogs.

That is why we take special care of

the development, by nutrition specialists, of the best formulations, that respond to their needs

ensuring the complete quality in the production of our food that follows a rigorous procedure along the entire production chain, from the choice of suppliers to strict controls on the products, ensuring the highest standards of food health, hygiene and safety

All Podium products

• Are studied to provide the optimal daily intake of nutrients for the pet • Contain only the best ingredients, with high biological value • Are strictly free from hydrogenated fats and colours, artificial flavors and preservatives • Are highly digestible and guarantee the ideal food assimilation • Are produced in our factory in Italy and controlled throughout the entire production chain (from the careful selection of the best suppliers to the traceability of each batch), ensuring the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety • Are not tested on animals

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